Matchbox - Spongebob Tub Adventure

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... Sing it with me! After being on Nickelodeon for the past 12 years I’m sure you know the words to it. My boys know every word to every episode of Spongebob. I have to admit, so do I. We are a family of Spongebob fanatics and were excited to review the MatchBox Spongebob Tub Adventure.

This set came unassembled. It had clear instructions on how to put it together and while the pieces were a bit of a struggle to snap together, it’s extremely sturdy once built. There are stickers in the set that appear to be waterproof. At least, they are waterproof enough after a dozen baths and splashing. They are still going strong with no bubbling or peeling. It comes with two suction cups that really stay when you attach it to the wall of the bathtub. After a few baths, it hadn’t budged. Carter (my seven year-old) then tried to attach it to his closet door thinking he could use it there too. It fell after 15-20 minutes, but you can place it on the floor or table to use it outside of bath-time.

This toy is my own personal new favorite. If your kids are like my boys, they can be a handful when it’s time to get in the tub. This toy single-handedly got my two younger boys to stop fighting me at bath-time and even request a bath! It’s easy enough to use for the three year-old while still keeps the seven year-old entertained.

Spongebob and Patrick can be placed in various areas of the set. It comes with a boat that can go down a ramp or fall out into the water. There is a wheel that water can fall into from a bucket above, moving a worms head up and down. Another bucket helps launch the boat into towers and they fall apart to expose a plastic piece that looks like something exploded.

This toy is very well-constructed. The suction cups hold up well under a fair amount of abuse from my boys. I wish it was a little easier to put together, but at least it is sturdy once you can finally snap the plastic pieces in place. All around, a great tub toy that will keep the kids happy. Hopefully your kids will be begging for baths like mine are now.

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