Crazy Cotton Candy Machine

My family loves August. In our house, it means time for the county fair. They love the fair, because food choices are fair game. We love cotton candy and to have a machine at home is awesome. It uses regular table sugar. My kids were disappointed that the box didn’t come with the colored sugar, which they sell separately.

The kids plugged it in and were so excited to get it warmed up. It took about 3 minutes and the green light turned on. We read the few instructions carefully and wanted to make sure that we didn’t put too much sugar in the machine. We used a teaspoon even though a tablespoon was suggested.

The first spoonful made beautiful looking cotton candy. Kids were excited and sampled it as soon as it cooled from the machine. Thumbs up on spun sugar!

The next spoonful made a good amount of cotton candy, but some of the sugar was tossed back at us. When we added more sugar, even more was tossed all over the kitchen table and clean floor. Less candy was made each time. After we cooled the machine, we discovered the sugar had melted inside the housing unit (which is not washable). Turning it off was also impossible. You have to hold the outer shell and turn the entire sugar unit to turn it on/off. The spun sugar had worked itself into the gap - we couldn’t turn it off as intended. So we unplugged it. Time played was about 7 minutes from plugging the machine in.

After cooling the machine off, we cleaned what we could. My husband missed out on our first try, so we gave it a second whirl (pun intended). We started over and the mess ensued, again. Machine failed.

Don’t worry about your local cotton candy maker; this machine will not put them out of business.

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