First I should say for the purposes of disclosure that it doesn’t seem right calling this a Real Parents, Real Review. No children were harmed, or present for that matter, in the process of reviewing this game.

I was optimistic about trying out Faux-Cabulary. I visited some friends with plans for a fun game night.

Faux-Cabulary contains 21 cubes with words or parts of words printed on each side. Taking turns, you have one person acting as the “Wordmeister” who reads one of the 180 cards. Each person uses up to three cubes to make up a word that fits the definition. You’ll find such “fun” definitions as “An ancient fertility deity of San Francisco.” The Wordmeister will then get a chance to pick which person’s answers they like the best and award them the card. The first person to get a predetermined number of cards wins.

The game on the surface sounded like the possible offspring of Apples to Apples and Urban Dictionary. Sadly it wasn’t nearly as fun as either of those things in reality. We quickly found that with only 21 word cubes, we were getting the same cubes over and over. My friend’s first comment was, “This game needs more cubes.” Followed quickly by, “This isn’t fun, how long do we have to play?”

The game is recommended for ages 13+. I confess, we did laugh a few times while playing, but it was mostly when the words we created were borderline inappropriate. (Which doesn’t exactly make the game family friendly, even though there’s nothing overtly adult about it.)

On a scale of 1 to 5 I give this game a 3.

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What do you think about Faux-Cabulary?

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