Spy Net Bionic Ear

What little boy doesn’t like to be a spy?! My boys are obsessed and have everything from secret message decoders to night vision goggles. We received the Spy Net Bionic Ear and my 6 year-old went straight to “work” spying on anyone and everyone.

Carter had his brother and a friend go into a room and shut the door and he tried to listen to what they were saying. He could hear some of it, but said they sounded muffled. I thought the boys were playing tricks on him so I took a listen. It was certainly better than just putting a glass on a door to listen in on conversations, but didn’t impress me as much as the $39.99 price tag would suggest it should.

I’ve seen this toy listed anywhere from $19.99 to $39.99. Personally, I think it’s worth the $19.99, if that. While the boys loved to play with it, we have solid wood doors and it’s harder to hear through those than your standard hollow doors. My boys quickly got bored with the toy and opted to play with something else.

While boys (and girls) who love to pretend to be a spy would likely play with this toy, the novelty of it escaped rather quickly. If there is nothing to listen to, it becomes just another prop. My kids play with the Spy Net rearview glasses and Voice Changer a lot more than they do the Bionic Ear.

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