Kre-O Transformers

Transformers Dark of the Moon has redeemed the franchise in our house. We were HUGE fans of the first Transformers movie, but the second movie was geared so much for adults that it was hard to enjoy with the kids whose toys they were intended for. Thankfully, aside from some colorful words, the over the top adult themes weren’t so over the top in the third installment. We all enjoyed the movie and will enjoy the toys depicting the various alien robots even more.

Hasbro now has their own line of construction block toys. Kre-O are similar to the other “interlocking block” type of toys out there. Here’s the catch, they actually stay together! Even with the heavy amount of abuse they take from my 3 and 6 year old, they still stay nicely put together so the anal retentive 12 yr old no longer has to rebuild his creations over and over. Winning!

We got the Kre-O Transformers Prowl set. The instructions were a little too advanced for Carter, the 6 year old, but that didn’t stop him from trying! My husband and Carter spent over an hour building and putting stickers on just so. They loved every minute of it! When all that was said and done, Thomas (12) wanted to instantly “transform” it and rebuild it as the robot version. We decided to keep it as the car for at least a couple days before un-doing all that hard work.

The smaller sets retail for less than $20 and larger sets going for as much as $60. This is very comparable to the other construction brands on the market, but this product is a much better quality than the cheaper brands in my opinion. My kids love this new line and have already begun saving their allowances for more sets.

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