Shadow Hawk 100 by Max Force

What boys don’t love toy guns? I had a policy long ago that there were to be no guns in the house. Not even squirt guns. I can tell you that 3 boys and 12 years later, that rule is non-existent. It’s just in their blood to want to shoot things. I want to make that experience as safe as can be, so enter the Shadow Hawk 100 by Max Force Toys.

This toy gun take a new twist on an old standby for kids weaponry. Spitballs. You know, the things you used to get a detention for when shooting them at friends while the teacher was busy writing endless notes on the blackboard?! No? Just me? Alrighty then.

I can tell you that all of my boys loved the Shadow Hawk. Even my husband had fun shooting spitballs at empty water bottles. This gun comes with over 100 pre-made “soft splat pellets” (aka the spitballs). You simply fill a clip that holds 8 of these, then soak in water for a few minutes. Load the clip and FIRE! Also included are safety goggles, but I don’t suggest you shoot these at people. It does sting a bit if you get hit. I had my boys shoot the bricks on the house and empty bottles/cans instead.

With a retail price of $49.99, I think it’s a great toy for the price. You have to buy refills of the “soft splat pellets” with 150 of them going for around $6. I haven’t tried making my own refills, but I’m going to try it soon as the stores near me don’t have the refills in stock.

The only downside to this toy is the fights my boys had over it. I heard non-stop “It’s MY turn already” and “Mooooooo-ooooooom, he won’t let me play!”. I’m thinking Santa is going to have to bring a couple more of these this winter, maybe even one for me. ;)

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