Cars 2: The Video Game

Take Your Favorite Cars Characters for a Wild Spin in This Racing Title

What It Is

The reviews for Cars 2, the movie in theaters now, haven’t been too good. I haven’t seen the movie (And judging by reviews, I may wait a bit.), but I have played the game and can tell you without doubt that it’s fun. Cars 2: The Video Game is a racing game in which you select a vehicle from among the cast of characters from the Cars world and then compete on race track locations around the world—which pretty much mirrors the plot of the movie. The races are filled with hidden short-cuts, power-ups and over-the-top racing stunts that make this a wacky and entertaining racing game.

Why It’s Fun

The game is loosely based on the new movie and plays up the espionage and international spy elements of the story. All of the vehicles have cool spy gadgets—like machine guns and oil-spill cannons—and can perform outrageous maneuvers such as driving backwards, driving on two wheels, jumping, drifting and a variety of aerial moves. While racing, players accrue energy reserves by performing the different moves. The stored energy can be used for short turbo boosts or they can wait until the energy meter is completely full and use it for an ultimate energy boost that whips them around the track incased in protective energy orb.

All the race tracks are unique locations that take the players from Cars settings, such as Radiator Springs, to real cities like Tokyo and London. Racing on these tracks against computer players in single player mode is fun but adding friends and family to the race is where things really get going. Anywhere from one to four people can play together and race against each other for some fun, family trash-talking excitement.

Who’s Going To Love It

Cars 2: The Video Game is a lot like other zany racing games such as Mario Kart. Fans of those racing titles and the Cars movies will really enjoy this game. As for ages, kids as young as five should be able to play without problems and parents will enjoy playing this one with their kids.

What To Be Aware Of

There are more than 20 different vehicles for players to choose, however, only 10 are unlocked at the start of the game. Those 10 include key characters like Lightning McQueen, Holley Shiftwell, Mater and Finn McMissile and additional vehicles are easily unlocked while playing through the career mode. Some of the additional vehicles are different versions of the main characters, such as Carbon Fibre Lightning, which is Lightning McQueen with Carbon Fibre panels and no red paint.


A great selection of vehicles, multiple distinct tracks and the fact that the outcome of a race can be different every time you play make this a highly replayable game.

Fun Scale

4 out of 5

It has to be fun or it wouldn’t be on Time to Play. But some games are more fun than others so here’s our scale: 1 is fun, 2 is a lot of fun, 3 is great, 4 is awesome and 5 is out-of-this-world!

Video Game Information

Cars 2: The Video Game
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Rated: Everyone 10+, Everyone (DS)

System: DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac
Genre: Racing
Players: 1 - 4

SRP: $49.99 (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3), $29.99 (DS, PC, Mac)
Launch Date: June 21, 2011
Date of Review: July 7, 2011

*Rating determined by the ESRB


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