Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts. With the warm summer weather, my kids were super excited to head outside and try them out! Right out of the package, there were just a few parts and easy instructions. A couple of minutes later my youngest was happily trying them out! She’s 4 years old and it was her first time trying out any type of stilts. These stilts come with two different bases, one is wider and assists the beginner - my daughter called them training wheels for stilts! She used these and in just a few minutes could do it all alone. It looked so fun that my son, although a couple of pounds over the limit of 110 lbs., had to try it out! He quickly got the hang of it and said it was so much fun! We all had lots of laughs.

Super easy to assemble and adjust to your child’s skill level and height.

Very sturdy, even at the top of the weight limit.

Seemed safe, my daughter had to jump off of them a lot of times as she was just learning, never actually fell just jumped right off.

Gets your kids outside and active!


The best review for me was my daughter’s. She said they were tons of fun. The next morning, the first thing she asked was could she do the stilts again! Yes, she loved them!


What do you think about Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts?

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