Kaos Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher

It’s summer and as the temperatures rise, so does the “I’m bored” chants from my boys. Enter in the Kaos Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher. This hand device lets the kids pelt the neighbors with water balloons. We gave one to the neighbor boy and one to our kids and let the wars begin. They have a blast filling these balloons and making up tales of war and enemy tactics as they bust their boredom.

One thing I like about the Kaos Nemesis is the fact that the balloons are biodegradable. I don’t have to chase after the boys and collect all the bits and pieces out of the rocks (although with my Type A personality, I found myself doing it anyway). The launcher can launch those balloons over 100 ft! Plenty of distance between the 2 houses, so the boys can effectively hit their targets (each other) even if they are spread out. Also included with the launcher are 50 balloons and a piece you can attach to the hose to help fill the balloons. This attachment works really well and fits any standard hose.

My boys loved beating the heat with this toy and even a few of us adults got in on the fun. It’s a simple concept, but with great thought behind it. It’s easy to hold onto and creates hours of fun. My boys gave this 2 thumbs WAY up! At only $14.99, this is a great toy and affordable too.

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