Miracle-Gro Kids Greenhouse

Did you know, that if a kid grows his own vegetables, he’s 98% likely to eat that vegetable, or at least try it? Miracle-Gro has honed in on this and created a great vegetable greenhouse for kids. They also have flower varieties, but my boys were much more keen on the veggies.

Included in the kit is a greenhouse, cups, soil, and seeds. Setting up is a breeze as you just put 4 walls on the base, then the lid. You put dirt in each cup, then plant 2-3 seeds in each cup. Water them and set them in a sunny spot. Viola. Done. Now comes the hard part. Waiting...

After a week we had a tomato plant sprout. Not far behind it was the cucumber. Took an extra week for the egg plant and peppers to sprout and our peppers never really did much after it’s initial sprout. We had built a raised vegetable garden so once the plants were too tall for the greenhouse, we transplanted them into our garden. Now they are going strong! I can’t wait for the end of summer when we can start seeing some vegetables!

My best advice with this product is to make sure the plants are watered, just a little bit, every day. Also make sure it’s in direct sunlight or the sprouts may not make it out of the dirt. Also, there was a mold like fuzz on the top of the dirt after a few days. This is normal and doesn’t mean your plants have gone sour, you can just leave it or try to mix that bit in the soil. It depends on how humid it is in your area on how much that will develop I believe.

At only $19.99 this is a great kit for the whole family. It teaches responsibility and patience and I think kids, boys and girls alike, will love it!

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