What It Is

Amelia Bedelia, the wacky housekeeper that takes everything she hears literally, heads out west to visit her Uncle Buck Bedelia and his “Double B Ranch.” From her first moments on the ranch, she has everyone scratching their heads. When she meets the ranch foreman, she wonders where the “one, two and three men” are, and has a terrible time envisioning how she will ride a horse that is completely broken. She also brings new meaning to “shoeing” a horse — think “shoo fly!” Her days at the ranch are filled with more misadventures, but as usual, everyone around her finds her charming!

Why It’s Fun

Kids have been laughing at Amelia Bedelia’s antics for nearly 50 years. Herman Parish, nephew of her late creator Peggy Parish, has inherited his aunt’s talent for bringing us stories of a sweet woman who unknowingly turns everything around her upside down. The topsy-turvy adventure starts right away and doesn’t let up throughout the book, giving everyone plenty of opportunities to laugh. Lynn Sweat was one of several illustrators of Ms. Parish’s books and was brought back as illustrator by Mr. Parish when he resumed the series. Together, Messrs. Parish and Sweat effectively bring one of the most humorous and beloved characters in children’s literature to a new generation.

Who’s Going To Love It

I loved Amelia Bedelia as a child and am delighted to see my six- and nine-year-old girls entertained by her as well. We have several of the Amelia Bedelia titles, and this one was a story that made all three of us laugh. In fact, I began reading it to my younger daughter, and when my older one heard it was an Amelia Bedelia story, she eagerly joined us. Whether you have read many of her books, or this is your first one, it’s a terrific pick. At 63 pages, it’s a bit longer than other Amelia Bedelia books, but the length didn’t matter to us because the story keep us laughing and wondering what she’d get herself into next!

Reading Time

At least 10 minutes

Read-It-Again Points

9 out of 10

Book Information

By: Herman Parish, Illustrated by Lynn Sweat
Published by: Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers (2011)
Approximate retail price: $17.99
Publisher’s recommended ages: 5 - 9


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