Cars 2 Operation

We all love the classic game of Operation. It’s been upgraded this year to show off Mater and his “parts:” a busted grill, leaky oil, bad gas and more. Kids can fix Mater up and earn play money while doing so.

My kids were excited to open up the game and start playing. We set out all the money (it comes in $100 and $500 denominations), doctor and specialist cards. Carter went first and instantly got “buzzed.” The noise startled him a bit but he continued playing. After a while, and a lot of buzzing, my 6-year-old decided he wanted to play a quiet game. It was down to just my 12 year-old and me. I don’t want to brag, but I kicked his booty in this game! My kids fail to realize that I’ve been playing these games for years so I’ve had a bit of practice. ;-) After a few rematches, my kids finally beat me — it was the leaky oil that did me in.

This game is a great new twist on the original version. It has the same basic principal of drawing a card and seeing which part you need to extract, then earning money when you do. My kids and I like to just grab random parts until someone gets buzzed, then it’s the next player’s turn. We loved the Cars 2 theme and all of Mater’s silly parts. The only thing to be aware of is the loud noise. Carter was frightened at first by just how loud it was. He thought it sounded like a “scary clown” but after awhile got used to the buzzing noise.

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