Cars 2 Sorry Sliders

If you are looking for a BLAST with your family, look no further than the Cars 2 Sorry Sliders. As soon as I opened it up, the kids literally dove into the box and couldn’t wait to get it set up. We are already fans of the original Sorry and the newer Sorry Sliders and the Cars 2 version takes it one step further! You can “race” your cars!

The boys and I are real particular about how things are put together, especially stickers. I was glad to see that the stickers in this game are somewhat re-positionable, so you can fix it when your kids put it on crooked, not that I would do that. ;) When you build the track you can configure it in a bunch of different ways. Classic racetrack oval, a square, straight for a drag race, however you want. We started with the classic oval.

We started with Carter, the 6 year-old, he flicked his guy and the fun began. We made 4 laps and then a race for the finish line! It was neck and neck, but Carter won as my piece flung off the track in a fit of fury. Carter was dancing all around the house singing “I won, I won, I wahhh-on! Oh yeah!” Do you think he was excited?

How you play is similar to the regular Sorry sliders, when it’s your turn you flick your piece and try to make it around the track. Land on your own color space on the board and you get an extra turn. Land on someone else’s and “Sorry!” they can flick you the other direction!

When we played with Brady, the 3 year-old, he brought over his McQueen and Sally cars and raced them instead of the Sorry pieces. So there is yet another use of the track. Perfect for the Cars, um, cars!

This game was fun and the whole family was hooting and hollering and having such a fun time. With so many different ways to play, you never have to play the same game twice. I love games that the kids continually ask to play and this game provides just that, in fact, I’m off to play another round as we speak. Ka-Chow!

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What do you think about Cars 2 Sorry Sliders?

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