LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Several weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of three sets of Pirates of the Caribbean LEGOs. I received The Mill, The Captain’s Cabin, and The Fountain of Youth. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow fan, so I was excited to tear into the boxes and get started!

My family designated one Friday night as “LEGO night!” My kids and I started by opening all three sets and spreading the LEGOs out on the living room floor. I tried my best to keep the sets separated, but it was hard with the kids!

I have three children: twin 3-year-old sons, and a 7-year-old daughter. The twins are a little too young to understand how to put the LEGOs together, but they loved sifting through and finding the pirate figures (“look Daddy, it’s Jack Sparrow!”).

This was my daughter’s first time building LEGOs. I showed her how to follow the directions to build the Fountain of Youth, then she was well on her way. Before we started, she said that LEGOs were “boring.” But once she started, she didn’t want to stop until she was finished! I built the Mill and Captain’s Cabin for the twins. My wife even joined in and helped us build the sets — it was a great night! I sat back and marveled how all three kids got along with each other. Also, the TV got a rest that night, too!

In my opinion, the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets are a MUST HAVE!

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What do you think about LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?

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