When we opened the MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station box, my boys and I gasped - for different reasons. They, because they found 956 pieces in it to build into a fantastic, dynamic, amazing fire station. Me, because they found 956 pieces that will surely get lost, fought over and vacuumed.

The first thing the boys did was empty the pieces all over the floor of the kitchen. Why they chose this spot, I’m still not sure. I moved them to the table and they set to work. The bags were not in any kind of order that we could tell. They were not numbered, or coded in any way to correspond with the instructions, so the boys just picked which vehicle they wanted to build first and grabbed pieces as they needed.

It took three days, two children and their father to get the entire Fire Patrol Station built. In the end, we were short two wheels and a couple other random pieces but had extras of some others. My boys have other MEGA BLOKS sets, so they filled in the missing pieces with what we already had. The boys were thrilled with the results and actually left things together as the set for a record amount of time. I think it was four days before they decided to play Godzilla and destroy everything but the helicopter.

While I love the look of the set, and the price at only $39.99, the blocks don’t sit together as well as other brands. It seems like they break apart pretty easy and are sometimes hard to get to fit together. I do like how they are compatible with other brands though, so if the boys want to build some big fabulous contraption, they don’t have to stick to one brand.

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  • Design. This set is pretty neat once it’s all put together. The details like outside lights and arches really make this set look impressive.
  • Price. At $39.99, this set is a steal compared to other brands.
  • Compatibility. You can interchange the bricks with other MEGA BLOKS sets and other brands of bricks.
  • Empty Cart

  • We had some missing pieces in the set; critical pieces like two wheels for a truck.
  • The pieces don’t hold together as well as they should.
  • The instructions were clear, but the pieces in all the bags were not. Numbered bags to correspond with the different vehicles would have been helpful.
  • Overall, this is a great new line from MEGA BLOKS. They have construction vehicles, police cars and more in this Blok Squad set and all have the same attention to detail and impressive design. My boys love building (and destroying) these over and over again. I love how MEGA BLOKS offers all the instructions to their various sets on their website in an easy-to-download PDF. This way, if my boys accidentally toss them out with the box, we can just download a new copy and build it all over again. Love this feature!

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