Pharaoh's Quest Lego Set

Ever since I can remember, we’ve had Legos in our family and for the record, they are possibly the worst toy to step on with a bare foot. It’s sort of worth it when you see the creativity, imagination and attention your kids show when building with their Legos. My son Cody is 16 and my son Nick is 12 and they both enjoy spending time, sometimes lots of time, building and creating. I think it’s a challenge as they get older to find something that isn’t an electronic device that will get them excited about play and keep them engaged for a decent amount of time. The day the Pharaoh’s Quest Lego Set arrived in the mail, I knew Nick would beeline for the box as soon he arrived home from school. He did that, but what he also did that actually surprised me? He immediately opened the box and started building and he didn’t stop until all 792 pieces were together, the Scorpion Pyramid was complete and all was proudly displayed on our coffee table. He was focused and excited to see the finished product so I think he was pretty motivated to finish, which took him less than a few hours from start to finish.

One of my least favorite things about building with Legos is the fact that we don’t have any of the building plates, or bases, if you will. This makes it a challenge for kids to find just the right spot to build their creations. This set, however, came with a really awesome base. Really, it was more than a base; it was basically the beginning of the pyramid structure. I love this! Nick really liked it too because once it was finished he could carry it into his room without worrying it might fall apart.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with any Lego set. This one is recommended for ages 8 — 14, which makes perfect sense to me since Nick is 12 and he zoomed right through the building process with no real challenges. He said the directions were easy to follow and the pieces were easy to identify. From the several figures, to the awesome scorpion and vehicle, this set offers hours of imaginative play. There are also weapons and a tomb and even snakes and coins for added fun. As a parent and child we both give this a huge thumbs up. Just make sure there aren’t any stray pieces laying on the floor because like I mentioned, they hurt when you step on them, like in a really bad way.

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