Crayola Bubbles

Our bubble playtime got delayed for a week or two by family events and then bad weather, but today since some of the kids were on spring break and the sun was out in full force we hit the front yard (or at least the carport) at my grandmother’s house to test these suckers out.

The kids most definitely enjoyed this product. Gracie and Graham at least - Me’ah was very happy to look at them but something about the blowing/catching of them terrified her. After the first few minutes, she sat on the sidelines while Gracie and Graham had a messy colorful blast.

The key word there is definitely messy. There’s no way on earth I’d let these things in the house. They wiped off of the patio furniture fine, but it’s meant to be easy to clean and resistant to staining. We used them outside, only on paved driveway so if the mess didn’t come out it wouldn’t be TOO big of a deal. It washed off of hands and faces and everywhere else brightly splattered with glossy bubble goop without too much trouble, which was very pleasant to discover.

Beforehand, the kids changed into clothes that were mommy-approved to make a mess in, though in retrospect perhaps everyone should have adopted some fashion options that were less... er... white. Who knew Honey (my grandmother) would get so into bubble blowing? The real test will be to see if the blue bubbles come out of her white shoes and shirt. (And if not, I probably owe her some new shoes. Forewarned means nothing when it comes to grandmother!)

Conclusions: Definitely impressed with the brightness, and any kid would love these. The two year old especially would just walk up to a bubble and stare at it in fascination, and the older kids would happily have kept playing for hours.

From the adult-who-has-to-clean-up-POV... they’d make awesome gifts for the kids of people you don’t like too much.

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