Our family loves board games! We have a closet stacked from floor to ceiling full of all types of games. When I received the game Wobbles, our family couldn’t wait to try it out. The age range for Wobbles is from 6-99, which is perfect since our youngest is 6 and well, no one is quite 99 yet! You can play with 1-4 players. My three girls wanted to play with me. They are 6, 12 and 15. (We will withhold my age!) According to the directions, the duration of the game should last 30 minutes.

When we took the game out of the box it was basically put together. All you have to do is snap on two end pieces to the board and you’re ready to play. The board game itself is unstable, creating the “wobble” to the game.

Included in the game are 20 playing discs, four Wobble pawns, two balls, 16 pawns in four colors, dice, two game sticks and a storage bag. Each person receives four colored pawns: blue, yellow, red and white. You put them in the slots in front of you in any color order that you like. You then place the ball in the middle of the board. The object of the game is when it is your turn you are to move the ball into the colored hole that matches the first pawn you choose to put to the left of you. You are not allowed to touch the board with your hands in any way. You are able to move the ball by putting a disc around the board to make it lean one way or another.

Our first round of playing was frustrating for us all. My 6-year-old would touch the board accidently and make all the discs fly off. We would play for 15 minutes and no one was able to get the ball into any of the right colored holes. After 40 minutes we did not finish the game and ended up putting it away for the night.

The next night, my older girls wanted to try it again. We were getting the hang of where to place the disc for the ball to go into the correct colored holes. We were starting to have fun and getting the hang of it but after another 40-45 minutes we still had not finished the game and the kids were getting bored with it.

As a mom I think the age range should be moved up some. My 6-year-old was frustrated that she could never get the ball in the right colored hole, that she would mess the board up and that the game lasted too long to hold her attention. The older girls found it fun to play and enjoyed it more when it was just the two of them playing together. It made the game a little easier to play when you had less people placing discs on the board.

I would give Wobbles 7 out of 10 stars. It was easy set up. The object of the game is a simple concept; it’s just not a game that my entire family could really sit together and enjoy.

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What do you think about Wobbles?

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