Crayola Colored Bubbles

Color Not-So-Wonderful

Crayola Colored Bubbles: They say WASHABLE on the front, feature a great, easy-to-hold bottle, a wand that even little hands can hold and provide tons of colored bubbles. But, that’s kind of where the fun ends for us.

Meet Carter, a 6 year old boy, and Brady, age 3. Brady uses bubbles in his various therapies for his developmental delays. Carter just loves bubbles. Both were ecstatic when we went outside to play this morning. We lined up all five colors and carefully chose which we would try first.

We opened up the first bottle, Sunset Orange. I like sunsets. I like the color orange. I did not like the mess it created when you combine the two in bubble form. With every drip of the solution I cringed. Good thing these are for outside only, I think I might cry if I found orange drops on my furniture!

Crayola says:

Go outside! Mom always said, “Don’t blow bubbles in the house!” That goes double for Colored Bubbles, which are meant for outdoor use only!

Saturday sweats, not Sunday best! Wear play clothes when using Colored Bubbles... and never use them at weddings or anywhere people aren’t dressed for the mess!”

I second those statements!!

Carter grabbed the Wild Blue Yonder bubbles. He opened the bottle and blue splashed everywhere. He looked like a Smurf. He blew a few bubbles and watched the solution drip down his hands. He finally said to me after a minute or two of this, “Can we be done now, this is super messy.” Needless to say, bubble time was cut short and bath time started a bit earlier than planned. The boys had fun playing with the Crayola Bath Soap Paints instead. Now those are good “clean” fun!

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  • This is where I say something glowing to make you buy these bubbles. Um, if you don’t mind painting your sidewalk and children blue for a couple days, then these are for you?! Sorry, that’s all I got.
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  • A big mess. Don’t play with these near anything you don’t want to get stained. While they say “washable” it takes a couple scrubs to really get it off the skin.

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