Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

We received five bottles of Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles to review for Time to Play. First I decided to open the green one in the kitchen and it looked like I was opening a bottle of ink. I blew a quick bubble (the solution forms good bubbles) but the green bubble splatter was everywhere. Instantly, there was green on my hands and on my clothes. When I cleaned my floor (immediately) all of the color came right off. I cleaned my hands with soap a few minutes later and the color came right off.

Next, I sent my four kids outside to play with the bubbles. There is still snow here on the ground so my backyard now has blue, pink, orange, green and purple snow. The bubbles came in my house through the screen and the dye easily washed off my screen. The dye that was on my wood deck washed off easily by dumping a bucket of soapy water on it.

My four kids were in the backyard, in their old clothes blowing bubbles and their hands started to change the color of the bubbles! Each time they were hit with a bubble they were turned that color! My daughter accidently hit the wand on her face and her cheek was dyed red! At this point, my son, who does not like to get dirty, ran inside.

Meanwhile, my other kids decided to have a bubble fight outside and covered each other in dye by blowing bubbles at each other. After about 10 minutes they came inside with a half full bottle and they were covered in dye. I would say they also spilled some on themselves from running around.

I confiscated the bottles and noticed that when the bottle is closed it is actually spill proof.

They all had a bath; on their way to the bath ink was on the floor, walls, sink — everywhere! The dye from the bubbles actually soaked through their clothes onto their skin.

Fortunately, all of the ink came off of their bodies. The bath water looked like swamp water!

Once the ink was dry it easily washed off my walls.

As for their clothes, I followed the instructions on the bottle and washed them in hot water using no stain remover. There was still orange and green dye on their lighter clothes after the first wash so I soaked them for about 20 minutes and did a second wash. On the lighter color clothes, the orange and green bubbles did not completely come off the clothes.

What the kids have to say about the bubbles: “I love them. Can we have more?!”

What the mother has to say about the bubbles: “Those are messy. I would definitely save them for a day at the beach where the kids can clean up in the water and there will be no mess at my house!”

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