When I get a package, the first thing my son J says is “is that for ME?!” Not usually the case, but this time it was! He just couldn’t wait to open the Stikits and start creating. After dinner, we cleaned off the table and opened the box. The sponge (used for sticking the pieces together) was buried way down in the bottom, so before we found it, I got a little bowl and put water in it. For us, the bowl of water worked better than the sponge.

We are big fans of Legos so I thought Stikits would be a fun alternative with the same creative play pattern.

The age range for Stikits is five and up, and while both my 2 and 6-year-olds LOVED playing with them, my husband and I enjoyed Stikits more. My boys didn’t have the patience to sit and create something. My 6-year-old wanted to create some of the ideas in the book, but when he started looking a little closer at what they consisted of, he was often discouraged.

What we did enjoy a lot is that when you are done, you can put the Stikits in a bowl of water and they will disappear!

- No batteries!
- Easy to use!
- Endless creativity!
- Made of all natural and renewable materials!
- Biodegradable

- There aren’t many “simple” creations in the idea book.
- They stick to the table (but it’s VERY easy to clean up with just a wet sponge.)

I give Stikits a 5-star rating! They are so much fun and keep the kids entertained when I am working on dinner.

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What do you think about Stikits?

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