Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase

Getting your kids to go to bed just became easier (and more fun!)

The most important routine or ritual we have in our home begins at dinner and ends when my kids are tucked neatly in their beds.  Each night we have dinner and then head straight up stairs for fun baths and to brush our teeth. Then we read stories until bedtime. Once my children are in bed, I sing songs and say prayers with each of them individually. My daughter has a blanket or "night night" she sleeps with it and my son sleeps with his stuffed snake "Keeks" so I make sure we have located these items before the lights go out. My children adore this part of the day. Our routine actually makes them look forward to bedtime rather than dread it.

So when I was introduced to the "Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase" made by Haydenburri Lane, I fell in love!  Inside this adorable suitcase you will find a soft blankie, which is soft fleece on one side and silky satin on the other, a book called Bedtime Safar which introduces five characters that will help you prepare your children for bed while teaching them healthy habits, and five of the cutest finger puppets I have ever seen (one to match each of the characters in the book). 

In the book you and your little ones will take a journey with the books characters Lily and Oliver to Bedtime Jungle Road, Double Bubble Path, Pajama Tree Place, Tickle Teeth Turn and Story Time Street.  Lily and Oliver will introduce your children to their friends Bubbles the Hippo who shows us how fun it is to get clean in the bath, P.J. the Bear who helps pick out the perfect pajamas, Chomper the Crocodile who shows us how to "tickle" our teeth and make them sparkle, Paige the Elephant who helps us settle down for a nice quiet story and Rory the Tiger who gently tucks in our little ones for a perfect night's sleep. 

The contents of the "Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase" help create or supplement any great bedtime routine.  Establishing healthy habits and creating a bedtime routine is a fantastic way to begin 2009.

Happy New Year! 

Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase
Age recommendation: 3-5 years
Suggested Retail: $29.95
Available at


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