Chuggington Train Yard with Loop

Chuggington is very popular in our house! My youngest son just learned to sign “train” and he is always pointing to the TV and singing “train.” That means I have to find Chuggington in our DVR before he starts hysterics! Wilson seems to be his favorite train right now, but we all love KoKo!

When we got the Chuggington Train Yard with Loop, Chewy went nuts! He kept pointing to the box and signing “open” “train” “go” “please” over and over. Once we set it up, my 6 year old came over to see what was going on and quickly decided how to make the trains “blow stuff up” on the track. Nice. My kids are not normal. They find ways to play with toys that are either not appropriate or not what the toy was intended for. You will see that in the video below. Thankfully after a few takes, they actually started playing with the toy the right way. (Although as of right now, they have Buzz and Woody attacking Wilson and KoKo on the loop and are trying to shoot hot wheels off it. Oiy Vey!)

From Learning Curve:

Inspired by Ludorum’s popular train-centric series seen daily on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney programming block (check local listings), Learning Curve’s new Chuggington die-cast toy line is launching exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores across the country and online at this month.

With a wide assortment of collectible Chuggington characters and exciting playsets, children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or imagine new adventures. All Chuggington Die-Cast engines feature durable die-cast construction, realistic decoration and secure front-and-back couplings, making train play easy and fun! Complete playsets enhance the imaginative fun, making every Chuggington Die-Cast experience “traintastic!”

Training Yard with Loop Playset: The Training Yard with Loop Playset is truly an action-packed experience! Engines plummet down the spiral track, shoot through the launcher, and race through an exciting 360° overhead loop! Motorized engine launcher propels up to two engines through the loop. Includes a die-cast Wilson engine and a Vee figure. Ages 3 & up. MSRP $39.99

My kids love how easy this set is to put together and use. Even the 2.5 yr old can set it up, turn it on and make it go!

Here’s a video demo of Chuggington Train Yard with Loop.

Buy It Now:

  • This toy is well made and durable! It doesn’t fall apart when you pick it up to move it from room to room.
  • FUN! My kids played with this set for 3 hours straight! From the 3-year-old to the 11-year-old, all three boys had a blast.
  • The die cast trains are so well made and realistic! They look exactly like the characters on the show. Such attention to detail is what makes these trains my kids’ new favorite.
  • Empty Cart:

  • My only complaint is it can be a bit loud. Especially if your kids decide to see if every one of their Hot Wheels cars can fit the track. ;)

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