Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector

This was a dream come true for my 5-year-old daughter when it arrived. She loves to color and draw so naturally she was excited to try out the Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector right away.

The Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector requires 4 “AAA” batteries (not included) and comes with six styling discs with seven stencils on each disc, one black sketch pen, six mini markers, 15 pre-printed silhouettes, a light projector and a drawing platform with a fasten bar.

This had so much potential to impress my daughter but unfortunately it flopped. The first thing my daughter said was “Daddy it’s hard to see the pants!” so I looked at the projector to see if I could adjust the light or the magnification and I couldn’t. I had to scratch my head for a second before deducing that turning off the lights improved the stencil image. Unfortunately now my daughter was drawing in the dark. I see this as a major drawback for a young child. I can see if we had a dimmer control switch I could adjust the lighting to make it easier to see both the stencil and everything around her but we don’t. The next thing my daughter asked was for some tape as she said “My picture is not staying still when I draw, Daddy. Can I have some tape?” Although there is a fasten bar it doesn’t really fasten the image tight so in most cases with my daughter the paper shifted while she was tracing.

After playing with the fashion projector for a week it quickly ended up on the shelf! It just had too many quirks for my daughter to use. She preferred to create her own clothes and accessories on the pre-printed silhouettes instead of using the styling discs as she didn’t like drawing in the dark.

Parents Perspective:

I had big hopes for this toy but it just couldn’t make the grade with my daughter. In my opinion there are too many drawbacks that prevent this toy from being a great toy for a young girl. I could see for girls 8 and above this toy would be fine as they could deal with the multiple drawbacks.

I would recommend this toy for girls 8 and above or if you are looking for something simple to keep your girls occupied. This toy can provide many hours of fun as long as you note the drawbacks so you can adjust for it. I give this toy 2.5 out of 5 stars because of the creativity factor it can inspire and my daughter did enjoy giving Barbie a new fashion outlook.


  • Promotes creativity.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Cons

  • Image quality from projector is poor (gets better the darker the room is).
  • Pre-printed silhouettes are not proportionate to some of the stencils.
  • Can’t adjust light intensity or projector magnification.

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