I love crafts that can include the whole family and do not involve a lot of mess. There are times for those messy crafts, but isn’t it nice when your kids can get creative and keep the kitchen table semi-clean? Here’s a fun craft set called Stikits that you just wet, stick and create. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Kids of all ages will love Stikits. You can make almost anything out of the Stikits pieces. Just dampen on a sponge and stick them together. You can mold them, shape, roll, flatten or cut them.

It is very simple to moisten the pieces on the sponge and stick them together with other pieces to create whatever comes to your mind first! Stikits sculptures can be easily recycled — Just add water and they melt away! They are completely bio-degradable and after much research I found they are gluten free. I was very impressed by the quality and durability of Stikits.

This master set has over 1,000 pieces that will help you build almost anything! Detailed instructions are included for making the items you see on the package. Kids can create hundreds of things that come straight out of the imagination and into the land of Stikits!

Be careful not to let the kids use the cutting tool, it is much sharper than I thought it would be. I am proud to give Stikits a huge thumbs up for eco-friendly fun!

Easy and fun to use. No mess. Simple clean-up

I think kids ages 5 and up will love Stikits!

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What do you think about Stikits?

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