Mythbusters Hit the Target Trivia Game

Ever wonder what boys do when they are hanging out with Dad while you go shop, run errands, or get a much needed mani/pedi? If you live in my house, they are glued to the TV watching countless hours of Mythbusters. The Discovery Channel is a favorite amongst everyone in our house. My boys probably know more about Adam and Jamie than they do about their own cousins or extended family. They love those guys!

Mythbusters has now come out with a line of toys and games so you can do your own Mythbusting at home. Of course, you should always leave the heavy duty stunts to the professionals. I can see it now: my son Thomas strapping a home-made jet pack to his brother, hoping to send him off to another land, only to end up burning the house down in the process. Hmmm... I better go make sure he isn’t hiding any spare parts or tools in his room now, come to think of it!

We received the Mythbusters Hit the Target Trivia Game to review. The boys were so excited to get it set up. Of course, they spent the most time just launching the “Buster” figure across the room, at each other and at various family members’ behinds. I did get them to sit down with the game to play “by the rules” for a few minutes.

First you roll the dice and answer a question, then if you get it right you can lay down a target, aim “Buster” or launch him. If he hits your target, you flip it over and continue until all your targets are hit (or best 3 out of 5 or however long you want the game to go on). My kids LOVED answering the questions and got the majority of them right. Most are right from the shows! Since they’ve seen about every episode twice or more, they were flying through those questions. They didn’t care so much about rolling the dice and aiming and all that, they just liked the trivia and launching “Buster” all over the dining room. Even my youngest son Chewy came over to give it a try!

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  • There aren’t a ton of pieces, which is good for any game in our house. Less things to lose or break.
  • The questions are right from the show, but you don’t have to be an expert at the show to be able to play.
  • Launching “Buster” is fun. No doubt about that!
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  • The idea is good for kids who like a structured game, but my kids have already separated it into two games: “Launch Things at Your Brother” and “Trivia to Stump the Parents”.

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