My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle

What little girl doesn’t love playsets? When the My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle playset arrived in the mail both my daughters were filled with excitement!

The My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle is a playset that requires 3 “AA” batteries (included). This beautiful playset comes with a Pinkie Pie pony figure, seashell bed, seal, sea turtle, treasure chest, gemstone, sandcastle, picnic basket with added accessories: two coconut drinks, two plates, pineapple, pineapple slice, watermelon, and my daughter’s favorite item, one bracelet with one charm.

The great thing about this playset for parents is that there is no assembly or instructions needed! The playset was ready to be played with right out of the box. As soon as I got rid of all the twist ties and put the tiny pieces away my oldest immediately grabbed the playset and set it up next to her Littlest Pet Shop playset to build “the neighborhood.” After she added the new house to the block she asked me why Pinkie Pie was alone and where her friends were. With no really good answer coming to mind I just told her we can look for a friend next time we go shopping.

My two girls have spent countless hours playing with the playset with no real loss of interest. In my opinion the playset would seem to be only limited by the imagination of the child playing with it and with my oldest daughter creating storylines from sleepovers with the other characters in “the neighborhood” to mimicking our daily family life there looks to be no limit in sight. Another great feature of this playset is that it seems to be well built. My two-year-old has kicked and dropped it numerous times and nothing has broken on it! There is no question that the My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle was an instant hit in my household and is still a favorite play item for my girls today!

Parents Perspective:

I really love what this playset provides for my daughters. Not only does it provide countless hours of fun but it also gives them the vehicle to let their imagination flourish. I loved listening to the stories my eldest daughter would make up on the fly while playing with the playset. It really amazed me on how intricate some stories were! In my eyes the only real downside with the playset is that the accessories are really tiny so they are easy to lose/misplace and can be a choking hazard for younger siblings. On a side note, the music for the merry-go-round is a bit loud so probably not a good idea to let your child play with it during quiet times.

I recommend this toy to parents with girls between the ages of 2 — 7 or maybe even 8. In my opinion it really contributes to building their imaginations and promotes creativity through play. I give this toy 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Promotes imagination and creativity through play.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Cons

  • Very small accessories.
  • No volume control for music.
  • Recommendation

  • Add another “pony” to the playset.

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