Kinect For Xbox

Ditch Those Old Fashioned Game Controllers And Get “Kinect-ed”

What It Is

Kinect for Xbox was one of the most talked about products of the 2010 holiday season but is it worth all the chatter? In short, heck yeah!

Kinect is the biggest thing to happen to video games since the Wii was introduced, and it will probably be the precursor to the next generation of video game systems. It is a motion-sensing camera and microphone system that sits on top of or under your TV (like the Wii’s thin bar). The Kinect scans your entire body and turns you into the only controller you will need to navigate through your Xbox dashboard and play Kinect enabled games.

Why It’s Fun

Kinect has the potential to impact the way we interact with our TV’s in much the same way that touch-screens have reinvented how we interact with mobile devices such as cell phones and tablet computers. The ability to select and activate something on your TV by waving your hand in the air is like living in a science fiction movie. It’s really cool! In addition to the ability to navigate using gestures, the Kinect’s microphone also allows you to use voice commands to interact with your Xbox 360.

Beyond the “wow, cool” factor, playing games on Kinect is an active, exciting and fun experience. Using your entire body as a controller, rather than a hand-held remote wand, allows for far greater interaction and response with the games you play.

Who’s Going To Love It

A majority of the games that are most fun to play using Kinect are party and exercise games, which are similar to the games we are accustomed to playing on Wii. These games will go a long way to turning the Xbox into a more enjoyable game system for the entire family and younger gamers (ages four to eight).

Like all the motion-sensing control systems, Kinect has some limitations when it comes to hardcore games like first-person shooters and RPGs (Role Play Games). Any game that requires pushing a button to fire a weapon or involves hours spent wandering around a vast map is going to need more than your body to control. With that in mind, people that play those types of games are probably not going to enjoy playing games with Kinect.

What To Be Aware Of

Kinect requires an Xbox 360 to work.

The instructions suggest standing at least 6’ from the TV and sensor but the taller you are, the farther you will have to stand. I’m 6’2” and unless I stand 9’ from the TV, my head and feet are cut off from the scanned image. This adds up to needing a large and open space in which to play.


Extremely high. There are already numerous games on the market that are Kinect enabled.

Fun Scale

5 out of 5

It has to be fun or it wouldn’t be on Time to Play. But some games are more fun than others so here’s our scale: 1 is fun, 2 is a lot of fun, 3 is great, 4 is awesome and 5 is out-of-this-world!

Video Game Information

Kinect For Xbox
Publisher: Microsoft
Rated: Everyone

System: Xbox 360
Genre: Hardware/Controller

SRP: $149.99
Release Date: November 2010
Date of Review: January 2011

*Rating determined by the ESRB


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