My Friendship Bracelet Maker

I remember a time as a tween when you just weren’t cool unless you had friendship bracelets. You not only had to be wearing them, but pretty much at all times had to have the makings of one safety pinned on the leg of your jeans so that you could work on it at any free moment. The creative people over at Crorey Creations have come up with the perfect solution for all of the tweens out there that are just like I was. My Friendship Bracelet Maker is an innovative way to not only have a designated place to make friendship bracelets (no more little holes in my jeans!) but it also provides a convenient holder to store and neatly organize your threads.


  1. My Friendship Bracelet Maker makes a nice travel item for in the car as the supplies are all ready to go in a fabulous carrying case
  2. Comes with 56 pre-cut threads so depending on how many threads you use from two to six you can make from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 28 bracelets without having to cut more thread
  3. You can work with up to 1-6 strands of thread folded over as to make 2-12 threads in the bracelet area. This is a nice range to work from. There is a mistake in the instructions that leads you to believe that it can only do up to 10 threads because there are 10 slots but once you get past the first row of knots you can have a thread hang off of each side without getting tangled
  4. My Friendship Bracelet Maker has an adjustment to move the butterfly away from you as the bracelet gets longer, which is nice as I used to pin theses to jeans and wear holes in my jeans or safety pin them to an ankle friendship bracelet which meant sitting funny to get it farther away from me
  5. Children can store unfinished bracelet inside in the compartments
  6. Has nice clear instruction on how to form the “number 4 knot” (forward knot as it is known to most people that make bracelets) that even little children can understand
  7. Great beginner instructions explain how to make your first bracelet
  8. Nice to be able to sit at a table instead of on the floor and still be comfortable at work
  9. Fits easily in a backpack to do during recess at school
  10. Cuter than using a clip board, especially for little girls
  11. There is a compartment in the box big enough for a small pair of scissors to cut the thread when you are finished braiding
  12. The website has additional pattern and knot-tying lessons


  1. Only explains how to tie a “number 4 knot” though there are many other stitches needed for advanced bracelets
  2. Only explains how to do one type of bracelet with the enclosed instructions
  3. The bracelet maker could use some rubber pads on the bottom so it doesn’t slide so easy on a table
  4. Should come in a boy version as I have seen boys make these too. This set is very girlie, though I have been told it will come in a boy version in the future so this con will go away soon

Thank you to for letting me review another fabulous hidden treasure!

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