A Sunday Stroll

What It Is

Early one sunny Sunday afternoon, LadyBug visits her friend Centipede for a Sunday stroll. Their planned outing slipped Centipede’s mind, but he offers her a cup of tea while she waits for him to put on his shoes. As one can imagine, this will take a good amount of time since he has about one hundred feet! As LadyBug patiently waits, she enjoys a cup of tea, a good book and then nods off to sleep. She awakens as the moon is rising to find Centipede still putting on his shoes and obliges his request for help. Well, it took all night and into the next day before all 100 shoes were tied, but they still went on their “Sunday stroll”; it was just on Monday night!

Why It’s Fun

This is a charming rhyming story that reminds us of the lost “art” of the lazy Sunday afternoon. In the hustle and bustle of soccer games, dance lessons, birthday parties, chores and other things that make a weekend fly by, it’s nice to be reminded that spending an afternoon reading a book or simply taking a walk with a good friend is a fine thing to do. We also get a lesson in patience and friendship from LadyBug. Rather than getting upset at Centipede’s absent-mindedness, she kindly tells him to “take your time” when getting ready for their walk and then doesn’t rush him. Of course, she helps him with all those shoes and doesn’t scold him for taking so long. (Makes me feel a tad guilty about rushing my kids out the door so often!)

Who’s Going To Love It

Though the publisher’s recommended ages are 4- to 8-years-old, the book is really geared to the 3- to 5-year-old set because of its brevity, simple plot and illustrations. Rhyming stories are important to include in your child’s reading mix; experts agree that rhyming is key in developing reading skills. This is a cute book and the message to kids is sweet, but probably not one they would request to read again and again, so I’d recommend it as a now-and-again selection from the local library.

Reading Time

About 2-3 minutes

Read-It-Again Points

4 out of 10

Book Information

A Sunday Stroll
By: Paul Borgese, Illustrated by Jane Arimoto
Published by: Laugh and Learn Books (1996)
Approximate retail price: $15.95 (hardcover)
Publisher’s recommended ages: 4 - 8


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