Hyper Dash Extreme

Hyper Dash Extreme — The high speed, always changing race course game!

Hyper Dash Extreme sounded fun, exciting, fast-paced and like it would be a great source of exercise. That is why, when I received it from TimeToPlayMag.com I couldn’t wait to get it out of the package. My girls can always use a game or activity to get them moving, so I thought this would be perfect. After using it for about a month, here’s what we think:

What we LOVED:

  • Four Games — With four different games that offer varying levels of difficulty, just about anyone can play this game. My 4-year-old was able to do games 1 and 2, which were great for her color and number recognition as well as simple counting. My 6-year-old was able to participate in all four games, which is great for her developing math skills. I even found it amusing to play the games and try to beat my time.
  • Six Players — With two kids that aren’t great at sharing all the time, I liked that the game tells you when it is time for a new player.
  • Math Practice — The game is a great way for kids to practice math without realizing that they are doing schoolwork. I’m a big fan of educational toys, and this one definitely fits in that category.
  • What we didn’t love:

  • The game was not intuitive. With six hyper commands, you had to read directions or you wouldn’t know what to do when the commands were called out. Also, with some of the commands being similar, it confused the girls when initially playing the game exactly which action they were supposed to do.
  • The commands were sometimes hard to hear. It might seem odd, since the game is very loud, but with the targets clicking in and popping out of the game unit, it was sometimes hard to hear what you were supposed to do next. I don’t know if it is a matter of timing or just learning to listen better, but I grew tired of hearing “What did it say?”
  • Where are the rest of the numbers? Like I mentioned before, this is a great game for practicing math facts, but without numbers 6-9 and 0, I find it incomplete.
  • I’ve always said that I think there should be a library for toys that are good to play with on occasion without owning. Hyper Dash Extreme fits in this category perfectly for me. It is a great game to use to occasionally practice math facts, but the girls lost interest in it too quickly and never asked to play with it unless I suggested it. While it isn’t a game I would buy, I really do like having it available for my family to use. Thanks to TimeToPlayMag.com for sending it for us to review.

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