TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop

My 4-year-old daughter was ecstatic to see a new toy to play with. Being a BIG TinkerBell fan, she couldn’t wait to get started! The TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop arrived just in time for the start of kindergarten. What a perfect learning tool to get her excited for the upcoming educational journey known as kindergarten.

The TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop has no external parts and runs on two “AA” batteries. It is beautifully designed and consists of eight activities to play: Pixie Hollow Alphabet, Pixie Dust Letters, Acorn Counting, Fairy Shapes, Ladybird Spots & Shapes, Tink’s Perfect Pick, Tink’s Magic Memory Game and Pixie Hollow Music Adventure.

To really see how this laptop performed I observed my daughter for three weeks. For the first week it was her favorite toy! She would not put it down, playing every activity multiple times and bringing it everywhere she went. I was hearing, “Thanks for your help,” “We’re a good team,” and “That’s glitterific!” over and over again (see my recommendation below for the next upgrade). Going onto the second week she still showed great enthusiasm toward the laptop and was playing with it often but by the third week her interest waned quite a bit as she memorized most of the activities and only played Tink’s Magic Memory Game and Pixie Hollow Music Adventure for fun. At this point she only really played with the laptop when helping her younger sister with it or while travelling in the car. In my own daughter’s words, “Here Eden this is yours.” This was an added benefit to this laptop that I did not envision. My 23-month-old daughter showed great interest in the laptop also. She wanted to do what her big sister did and even after her big sister showed little interest in the laptop she still did. To my amazement, she was eager to learn also and did not mind her big sister showing her how to use the laptop. After playing with the laptop a couple of times with the help of her big sister she showed great improvement in recognizing shapes, reciting letters and counting. What a great surprise!

Parent’s Perspective:

Overall I really like the concept idea of these learning laptops plus it gets kids acclimated with a QWERTY keyboard. The Acorn Counting activity on the laptop gave my daughter a good leg-up on the basic math that her school was introducing and the other activities reinforced what she had already learned in preschool. The activities on the laptop reminded me of flash cards as they used the repetitious learning model, great for girls between the ages of 3 and 4 who are just learning their letters, numbers and shapes. Now the downside, I thought that the grayscale LCD screen was too small and the graphics were very basic. There is no volume control and when closing the laptop. The power does not shut off automatically, the on/off button needs to be physically pushed. On a funny note my daughter asked me about something on the screen and what it was I started to chuckle and told her it said pixiehollow.com.

I recommend this toy to parents with girls between the ages 2 and 5, especially if they have younger siblings close in age. I can see by age 6 that the activities would be “too easy” and unappealing. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


  • Portable — very easy to carry.
  • Ease of use — was easy to start playing.
  • Very good learning activities.
  • Positive re-enforcement and guidance.
  • Very good price for the value.
  • Cons

  • Small screen.
  • Limited number of learning activities.
  • No volume control.

  • Recommendation

  • Add option to use ear buds/headphones
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