Brainogami's Super Origami

Time to Play has done it again, trusted me to do another review for them. This time it was for Brainogami’s Super Origami. We got sets three and four, Animals and Containers. My kids were excited to dive in. We chose to make the animals first. There was an instruction booklet and 72 pieces of paper with colorful designs. There were guide lines on the papers to help figure out where to make each fold. This helped tremendously. I’ve never been good at origami, so this helped me translate what was in the picture instructions to the paper. Even better, they have animated instructions on their website! Even with the photos and animation, my jaguar looks a little worse for the wear. Time to bring in the kids to help.

Thomas decided to try to make a frog. He glanced at the instructions and in minutes had a frog hopping across the sofa. I know I’m supposed to be all proud of him and what not, but I’m uber jealous that his animal actually looked like what it was supposed to! Thomas was trying to give me pointers, but my second attempt wasn’t much better. Hmmm, I better leave this one to the kids. Thankfully, our neighbor’s son is an expert at origami, so I know he can help me hone in on my paper folding skills. He’s already called dibs on helping us with the containers set. I have a feeling our house will be filled with folded baskets, purses and animals by the end of the week.

The Brainogami - Super Origami retails for $25. From their site:

- The World Largest Origami Paper

- Very, Very Easy to Folding

- Great tool of Developing of Brain and Hand Mobilization Skill

- Ideal to use Home Decoration

- 17 Origami Patterns

- 72 Sheets of Paper

- 34 Pages Instruction Book

- Several Bonus Features Inside

- Free Web Site Animated Instruction

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  • While I wasn’t coordinated enough to make the animals perfectly, my kids were and did a great job!
  • The colorful papers made it fun to find out just how the finished product was going to look.
  • The guidelines made it easy to follow the instructions.
  • There were so many designs and papers in the kit, more than enough to make a whole zoo of animals!
  • Empty Cart:

  • I thought the price was a tad high, I would pay $19.99 for something like this.
  • Some of the designs required glue and scissors and other items.

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