Minotaurus - LEGO Board Game

LEGO created an awesome board game with this one, folks. While I have younger kids, I observed my nephews playing this one (they are 10 and 13). They enjoyed this game. You can play with two to four players. What you do is build a labyrinth out of LEGO pieces and you bring your game figures to the temple in the center of the board game. You even build the dice! But, there’s a minotaur that other players can use to knock your men out of the board game. You can follow the enclosed book to learn ways to build your game, or you can make up your own design. When I first found out about this game, I looked up what others were saying about it so I could get a general idea of what to expect before I got it. A few said that with the instructions a 5 or 6-year-old could play but I would let the older kids play this game. They give you the opportunity to make your own rules too, which is great for children’s creative minds. As a mom, I suggest getting something (Ziploc bag, a small container) to hold the LEGOs when not playing; that way you won’t loose your game pieces.

My nephews rated the game an 8 out of 10. I give it a 10 because they played for awhile without fighting and were kept busy. It was nice to have a game that they could sit down and play while at my house. After they played it once, my husband sat down with them to play and he enjoyed it as well. Once my son is older, my nephews plan on teaching him how to play this game so it is definitely a game we’ll keep around.

Thank you TimetoPlayMag.com for giving me the opportunity to review LEGO Minotaurus. My nephews thank you too because they think it’s pretty cool!

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