Eyewitness Kit, "Butterfly"

On the Time to Play Mom TV web show, Jim and Chris were saying that they didn’t think boys would be into the Butterfly Eyewitness Kit. Granted, my kids are younger (4 and 2) but my 4-year-old son truly enjoyed making butterflies with me.

Together, we looked up the different types of common butterflies in our area online (since it was a rainy day and there were no butterflies to be found in our yard) and talked about the stages of a butterfly’s life. This is a great teaching opportunity and if you do homeschooling, even better. The pamphlet that came with the Butterfly Kit did have a short description of the butterflies inside and a coloring guide for when you are ready to paint. When we mixed up our powder cement and water, I did it all at once. Then, when we filled the butterfly molds, I had some extra that would have went bad before the rest hardened. I filled the molds at night and let them dry until the next afternoon. With the remainder of the mix left, we took regular cookie cutters and covered the bottoms with aluminum foil to make more molds, which actually worked out quite well. If you have extra left over, you should try that!

When the butterflies were dry and ready to paint, we set up the kitchen table with newspaper and put old t-shirts on the kids. We have a craft bin with paint brushes so both children had a paint brush to paint with. The kit only comes with one paintbrush so if you have many kids wanting to paint, I suggest picking up a pack of extra brushes. Both Kaleb, who is 4, and Anna, who is 2, enjoyed painting butterflies. I loved seeing their eyes light up and being so creative. Something I’d suggest after painting the butterflies and letting them dry is spraying the butterflies with clear spray paint. The paint is kind of matte and so we tried the clear spray paint to make it shinier and it worked great.

We loved trying out the Butterfly Kit for TimetoPlayMag.com. It is a great activity on a rainy day and it’s a wonderful learning experience. I have friends who homeschool their children and I have suggested this kit to them. After using the kit, my children are taking more notice of nature and they love to point out the butterflies that we find.

Thank you TimetoPlayMag.com for giving us the opportunity to try the Butterfly Kit and review it!

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