MobiGo Touch Learning System

My 2-year-old girl and my 6-year-old boy both enjoyed reviewing the MobiGo Touch Learning System this week.

The box it came in was very cute. It had one of those clear windows that you could open and see the system inside. Both of my kids could not wait to get it out and try it.

This system needs 4 AA batteries to work.

It comes with a game called “Touch and Learn” and we were also sent the “Ben 10 Mind Mine” to try as well.

Just so you know, it does not work at all if there is no game in it! As soon as you turn it on, the system prompts you to insert a cartridge.

The MobiGo is pretty small and has a touch screen computer that works very well. The keyboard is located under the touch screen and kind of pops up, just like many smart phones. I think this makes the kids think that they are using a cool grown-up toy instead of a little kids learning system.

We started with the “Touch and Learn” game. You enter your name and it starts right up.

There are six different games to choose, and you select which game to play by using the touch screen. My 2-year-old could do many of the activities herself.

The six activities are: Shooting Gallery, Space Challenge, Fantastic Forest, Music Maestro, Ice Escape and Wild Run. Each game has both an easy and a difficult level to it. At any point while playing the game it is easy to push the book button which sends you right back to the home screen. If you are having any trouble, there is a question mark button to help you out.

On the “Touch and Learn” game, my 2-year-old liked Wild Run best and my 6-year-old liked the Shooting Gallery best. This game was cool because you have to shoot the letters of a word as it moves faster and faster which is great for typing practice! The keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard so your child is learning real typing while playing these games.

The Ben 10 game did not appeal to my 2-year-old at all. She hated it! My 6-year-old boy really loved it.

There are five different mini games to choose from: Find the Alien Base, Enter the Alien Base of Operation, Enter the Control Center, Find the Mining Machine and Shut Down the Mining Machine. My son's biggest peeve was that you cannot pause any of these games. He very often needs to stop playing for a minute, and there is no way to pause, you just need to exit the game.

The Ben 10 game has some cool math games involved and if you do the wrong answer it tells you “Uh oh, wrong answer.” My son thought that the Ben 10 game was a little too easy to beat. He beat most of the games the first day. The age range includes younger kids, so maybe this game is just too easy for him.

We have had the MobiGo for a week now and honestly it has been used nonstop. We are planning to buy more games to go with the MobiGo, there is a princess game, a Dora game, and even a Toy Story game!! I just wished they made some more difficult games for older kids.

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