Nerf Sport Nerfoop Basketball Slam

As part of the Real Parents, Real Reviews for, I received a Nerf Sport Nerfoop Basketball Slam to review. Ages say 8+ but even the 2 yr old loves this!

From the Nerf website:

“Play a game of hoops almost anywhere you want! Hang your durable, high performance NERFOOP backboard, hoop and net on a door or wall and then get your game on with the mini basketball. Now, you can challenge your friends, show off your skill and make those three point shots right in your own room! Set includes basketball, backboard, hoop, net, door brackets and instructions. Ages 8 and up.”

One thing that impressed me off the bat was how easy it was to 1. Get out of the packaging, and 2. Set up. So many times kids toys have so many twists and ties and plastic that they are harder to get into than a Jonas Brothers concert! Nerf understands that and really made it simple! One plastic tie to cut and two screws to attach and we were ready to play!

Tbone (age 11) was out of town on a camping trip, so Cartman (age 6) and Chewy (age 2) were the first testers. We hung it up in the hallway on the bathroom door and it was an instant basketball tournament! Two-on-two. Cartman and I vs. Daddy and Chewy! Since Dad is the tallest, they won. I declare a re-match!

We moved the hoop to Cartman’s room and it suddenly transformed his room into an amusement park. He already has a bunk bed with a slide, so to add a basketball hoop, it was like the Harlem Globetrotters were in Denver! There was jumping, sliding, tossing, dunking and a ton of fun!

Once Tbone came home there were a lot of arguing discussing of whose room it would stay in. We have orchestrated a complicated calendar of shared custody, at least until Cartman’s birthday next week where I have it on good authority that we will be getting a 2nd Nerfoop. ;)

So now for the nitty gritty...

Buy it Now:

  • HOURS of fun for the kids.
  • Simple design, concept and packaging.
  • The kids love being able to turn their room into an NBA game.
  • Priced at less than $20, this is a perfect gift for any kid.
  • Even though the packaging says 8+ I’d recommend this for ages 4 and up.
  • It’s made by Nerf, so you know it’s going to last and that the kids will love it.

  • Empty Cart:

  • Really, this is the only toy I’ve reviewed so far that I cannot think of one reason you shouldn’t buy it!
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