Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball

I was really excited to be reviewing the Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball. My 4-year-old son plays t-ball and we thought this would be a great toy for him to play with.

The big thing about this toy is that you can hit a button on home plate which will then bring the ball holder up to stick another ball on the tether, which the child can then hit. Sounds great in theory, but we had a couple of big issues with this toy.

One: The upper arm will come off if my son hit it hard enough. In five minutes of him playing with it, I had to reattach the arm six times.

Two: The balls are held onto the tether by a little piece of Velcro around the ball at the end. This came off the first day. In order to get it back on I am going to have to super glue it.

Three: You cannot use just any old balls. The balls for this toy are made of a Velcro material, so you will have to find somewhere that sells them or buy them online.

So in the end I wouldn’t recommend this toy to anyone. I hated having to fix everything on the toy during play which cut into our play time.

Disclosure: I was given the Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball™ by for review. The thoughts and opinions are mine and honest.

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