Ryan Oakes Magic Show, The Magic Lunch Box

Thanks to TimeToPlayMag.com and a little luck, I was able to win a chance to review the Ryan Oakes Magic Show™, The Magic Lunch Box™ with my son, Tbone. He’s 11 and loves everything magic! He’s always trying to stump us with his tricks. Needless to say, he was really excited when we got the box in the mail!

T instantly tore into the set and started trying things out! He was setting up our living room as a magic show stage. We laid all the items out and popped the DVD into the laptop to choose and learn our tricks. The instructions on the DVD were very clear and easy to follow. You can pause, rewind and try again to get the trick just right. The main menu has the tricks displayed easily so you can pick and choose the one you want to learn without having to watch the entire DVD at once first.

T and I picked the Disappearing Napkin trick as the one to fool the rest of the family. No matter how hard I try to do the trick, I’m just not that great with my poker face. Hard to fool the crowd with your tongue sticking out as you try to complete the trick and then giggle when you completely mess it up. T is much better at this whole magic thing than I am! He grabbed his props, watched the clip and went to town. Amazing his brothers (and Mom!) in the process.

(note the enthusiasm on his face when I asked him to recreate the trick for the camera! LOL Oh, to be 11 again.)

Buy It Now: The reasons we love this magic set is it’s easy to use, the DVD/instructions are super easy to follow and all of the pieces fit neatly in the lunchbox. No more missing pieces! I also love how Ryan Oakes doesn’t talk down to the viewer in the DVD. He is talking to the kids as he would an adult and T really respected that. Ryan seems to really be able to build that self confidence in the kids who are trying out his tricks.

Empty Cart: The only cons are some of the props are a bit cheap looking. The thumb tip isn’t very convincing, but as T gets better at the tricks, his “slight of hand” can camouflage that.

The verdict? The Ryan Oakes Magic Show™, The Magic Lunch Box™ is a great magic set that I’m sure Tbone will use for a long time! Amaze your kids by getting them one for their next birthday or holiday and watch the fun unfold right in your living room!

Disclosure: I was given the The Ryan Oakes Magic Show™, The Magic Lunch Box™ by TimeToPlayMag.com for review. The thoughts and opinions are mine and honest.

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