Monster High

I am so excited and proud to review Mattel’s soon-to-be hottest line “Monster High.” I don’t want to blow your mind, but it’s about girls who are monsters and also in high school. Sound odd? Not at all for the students at Monster High. The dolls hit stores in July and are just the beginning for Mattel. The toy giant is also planning a new line of clothing at tween apparel store Justice. In the fall, the young adult publishers Little, Brown & Co., who are behind Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, will be publishing the first of six Monster High books written by Lisi Harrison, author of the popular teen series Clique. Party City will be selling Monster High Halloween costumes to help children everywhere feel their inner monster.

Now, as with any new toy there are pros and cons so let me update you on Draculaura. She is stylish and way too cute for mere words to describe. They have made these dolls semi-interchangeable in the respect Clawdeen’s ears don’t come off and Lagoona’s leg fins do, but the others don’t have the leg holes for them to fit into. The dolls do however come apart at the wrists and elbows for easier clothing changes, so you could make multi-colored monsters. Also we discovered the clothing from Bratz dolls will fit the Monster High ghouls. The worst part is the wrists and arms coming off because they are very small and a major choking hazard to little ones. If you manage to be lucky enough to grab one of these dolls please keep them away from small children. Instead, pick up one of the scarily delightful plush versions of the three most popular students at Monster High - each come with their favorite outfit and a scary cool pet and are very soft and super cuddly.

A huge plus for Draculaura and her friends is the amazing doll stand that actually holds the doll in place in any pose. Also, we loved the diary and secret “dead code” inside that will give you access to new information only available at Here you can also see sneak previews of the cartoon and watch full length webisodes.

I think the dolls are reasonably cute. They are fabulously fashionable and were a huge hit with my daughters! Frankly, I think Monster High is a pretty good idea given all the girly-interest in vampires and werewolves nowadays. These dolls are like Gothic Barbies, which would likely sell all right even without the Twilight phenomenon. There should be even more as the line moves forward with an animated special, a live action movie and a book series. Overall my ghouls are now hooked on Monster High and cannot wait for the invasion to begin.

See you all in Mad Science Class or maybe Home Ick!

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