The Daddy Mountain

What It Is

From a young child’s perspective, climbing just about anything seems like climbing a mountain and what could be more fun than conquering a “daddy mountain”? This wonderfully simplistic book follows the “expedition” of a young girl from base camp—dad’s feet—all the way to the summit. Like any young mountaineer, this girl builds up energy with some of her favorite fruit juice and a little courage. She takes us on her climb, with a stream-of-consciousness narrative, past the knees, over the belt and on up the shirt. She talks herself through the challenging moments, noting when to be “extra careful” or “don’t look down,” and calls to her mom with pride when she has achieved the difficult ascent.

Why It’s Fun

Jules Feiffer’s first-person narrative brings the adventurous spirit of this young child alive. From the girl’s nervousness at the beginning to her bravery throughout and show of pride at the top, it’s fun to read because you can match your voice to the girl’s emotions, which kids will love. In true Feiffer style, the entire book is printed on white pages, with only the girl in color, and the daddy mountain is featured as a light black-and-white sketch. Some may love it, but others, including myself, may find it somewhat dull. However, the clever two-page fold-out at the end, with daddy in full color and his proud little girl sitting on his head, is a fun surprise. As is the appearance of her panic-stricken mom who is reassured by dad, “No problem, she’s fine.”

Who’s Going To Love It

With Father’s Day coming up next weekend, head down to your local library to check out a copy of “The Daddy Mountain.” It will be a hit with kids aged 3- to 5-years-old and will probably be one that they will want to read a few times during the lending period. It’d also be a fun classroom read and could spark a lively discussion among preschoolers. The book was a hit in our house for a short time ... until my daughter was big enough to scale the daddy mountain in seconds flat!

Reading Time

Two to three minutes

Read-It-Again Points

7 out of 10

Book Information

The Daddy Mountain
By: Written and Illustrated by Jules Feiffer
Published by: Michael Di Capua Books, Hyperion Books for Children (2004)
Approximate retail price: $15.95 (hardcover)


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