What's in Ned's Head?

What do you get when you combine three boys, an old gym sock, fake puke, a dirty diaper, a worm in bird poop, a half-eaten lollipop and a huge plush head? You get hours of gross-out family fun.

Like most kids their age, my boys love gross things. In fact, the grosser…the more fun they seem to have. When the package came they were so excited and once they saw the box and the illustration of all the icky things coming out of Ned’s head they begged to play. We cleared off the homework table and opened the box to find four packages:

1) Ned’s humongous plush head
2) Two packages of yucky items to stuff into Ned’s head including
3) 25 cards (including 10 blank cards so your kids can add their own things into Ned’s head)

“What’s in Ned’s Head?” is a wonderful game for kids and the rules are simple. Stuff all the items into Ned’s huge plush head and everyone draws a card. The first player to find the item on their card wins.

For example, if you are dealt a card with a picture of Ned’s pet spider, you must reach into Ned’s head and feel around until you find the spider. You can reach into his ears, his nostrils and his mouth. As simple as it sounds, none of us ever pulled out the item on our card the first go round.

The additional 10 blank cards allow you to create your own things to put in Ned’s head and the three boys had no problem finding things to stuff inside Ned’s head. For example, they put in one of the fire helmets from one of their other toys.

As a parent there are several learning aspects to the game. For example, feeling around in Ned’s head requires kids to use their sense of touch as they try to discern one item from another while digging around in Ned’s head. I’m sure your children, like mine, will find the brightly-colored items visually stimulating.

“What’s in Ned’s Head” would also be a great classroom addition. As a parent of a child with a speech deficit, I could see our family using “What’s in Ned’s Head” as a therapeutic tool. For example, you could have the child find all the items in Ned’s head that started with a specific letter or sound.

Three Boys and an Old Lady had a blast with “What’s in Ned’s Head” and give it 6 thumbs up

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