Baby Genius Singing School Bus

From the moment we opened the delivery box I knew this toy had my kid’s attention. From the bright colors of the bus and characters all the way down to the fun music it plays, this bus was going to be pure toddler fun! My 3-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter and I all sat down together to open the package the bus was in. They were so excited and I was very pleased that it was a cinch to get it out of the plastic box—there is nothing like anxious toddlers and a frustrating box that is a pain to open! As soon as I had it out they were talking about the five different animals included with the bus: Vinko the Dancing Bear, DJ the Dinosaur, Tempo the Tiger, Oboe the Monkey and Frankie the Elephant. They love that they were all easy to hold and play with and I love that they teach them about colors and different animals. Each animal has a name for them to learn and a personality for them to play with. My daughter also thinks they are nice to chew on.

The bus itself is very durable. It has a door on the side that opens like a ramp so they can walk the animals up into the bus to take a ride to school. When you place the driver in his seat, you can push down on him and he will say several different phrases and then the animals will all start to sing “The Wheels on the Bus” together. My kids usually clap and sing along with it - too cute! They have truly had a blast with it and they both play with it in different ways so I would say this is a toy that can grow with your child.

My 2-year-old will push the bus around, load and unload the animals and push on the driver to hear him talk and sing. My 3-year-old will pretend the animals are really kids getting picked up and dropped off for school. They will then continue into school to learn.

It is a great toy and well worth the small price!

When I received the Baby Genius Singing School Bus in the mail, I also received several of the Baby Genius DVDs to review. I decided to keep these for a rainy day since the kids can’t really go outside and would need a little extra entertainment inside. Boy am I glad I did! These DVDs are great and entertaining for my kids. We watched the “Animal Adventures” DVD and they felt like they were really at the zoo watching the animals in the movie. It was filmed exclusively at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park and it really seems like they are right in your living room. I had it on the TV while they were playing with their toys and while the DVD shows you the different animals, it will also play some of the very same characters my kids have grown to love from the Baby Genius Singing School Bus. They both kept pointing out and naming the familiar characters and had to grab the bus while they watched it. I have to say that the DVD is listed as 0-36 months so it wasn’t completely engaging to my kids, but it was great to have on while they played and I loved that it included counting and ABCs along with the animals. Anything that incorporates extra learning in it is OK by me!

So to close my review, I would say the Baby Genius Singing School Bus was a hit…my kids love everything about it. I think it is great because it is a very inexpensive toy that would make a great gift for any toddler. It seems very durable and has already resulted in hours of imaginative play.

I felt the DVDs were great for what they were supposed to be used for. Like I said, my kids are a bit older, but it still proved to be interesting to them and a great break from playing here and there.

Thank you so much to for sending me these items to review, we had a blast and my kids and I thank you all!!

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