Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set

Being a mom to a little boy means that Hot Wheels cars are a daily part of our lives. My 6-year-old son Jonathan always carries at least one Hot Wheels car in his pocket, because you never know when an opportunity to race a car will come up! However, we don’t have many of the Hot Wheels race tracks or stunt sets, so when the Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set arrived at our door from, Jonathan’s eyes lit up and he was super excited to try it out!

The Hot Wheels Cyborg Blaster Starter Set is for ages 4 and up and the objective is to set off a series of stunts to blast and defeat a robot. The first car triggers the blue robot to turn and shoot a missile at the yellow robot. If you defeat the robot, you will launch the second car on the track! Note: one car is included with the set, so you will need an additional Hot Wheels car to complete the stunts. Jonathan tried out several of his Hot Wheels cars with the set, and they all worked perfectly.

There are about 12 pieces to assemble, including two pieces of track, and the pieces are big enough so that little hands can maneuver them easily. Jonathan had the set assembled in about 10 minutes, with just a little bit of help from Dad. Instructions for set up are included, but the assembly is very straightforward and Dad needed to look at the instructions only a couple of times.

After the track was assembled, it was time to set up the stunts! This involves pulling back launchers for the two Hot Wheels cars, turning the blue robot and inserting the missile into the launcher. Younger children may need a bit of adult assistance with this as little fingers might have a hard time pulling back the launchers.

Jonathan was so excited to launch the first car he could hardly stand it. He pressed the green button to launch the first car and the car zoomed down the track! The car then triggered the blue robot to turn and shoot a missile at the yellow robot. The yellow robot was blasted to the side and the second car launched and sped along the track! I heard a loud, “Yeah! That was awesome!” from Jonathan and he immediately grabbed the pieces to set up the stunt again.

Overall, the stunt set is a lot of fun and is a great way to teach kids cause and effect. Jonathan loves preparing the stunts and then explaining to me that, “this car has to hit the robot to make it shoot the missile, and if it doesn’t then the robot won’t shoot.” The detail on the robots is perfect for imaginative play, and I have been hearing many different stories about where the robots may have come from and why they are battling each other. The stunt set also lends itself to open-ended play, as Jonathan has attached different items to the set, such as paper towel tubes and boxes, to see if the cars will zoom through the tube or into the box. He has also used marbles and balls instead of cars to test out if the stunts will still perform correctly.

The Hot Wheels Cyborg Blaster Starter Set seems very durable and so far has stood up to hours of playing, taking it apart and putting it back together again, and moving it around to different areas of the house. Jonathan has played with it both on carpet and tile, and it works perfectly on both surfaces.

Check out a video we made of the Hot Wheels Cyborg Blaster Starter Set so you can see it in action!

There are three other sets that can be connected to the Cyborg Blaster Starter Set and I can see that sometime in the future we may be adding one or more of these to our collection, since Jonathan really enjoys playing with this one and I think he would love to see what stunts the other sets do when they are all connected!

Thank you for the opportunity to review the Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set! It is a huge hit in our house.

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