Maybe I'll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight

What It Is

This recently released book is a collection of 20 rhyming poems with bedtime themes as its compelling title reveals. The poems whimsically cover various bedtime topics such as monsters in the closet, who gets the top bunk, thumb-sucking, sleepovers, among others. All are written with a humorous and slightly satirical twist that will give both kids and adults a chuckle.

Why It’s Fun

Debbie Levy’s use of humor gives us the giggles and lightens what may be stressful nightly struggles for some. The illustrations are very colorful and have a bit of a “cartoonish” feel, which adds to the humor and light satire of the collection. The fact that they all rhyme make the book engaging for kids and parents, especially those of us who aren’t poetry buffs. A favorite poem is “Sleep Tight”, in which a little girl takes her mother’s request to “sleep tight” literally and clenches herself as “tight” as possible all through a very restless night. In the morning, she wisely decides that she will sleep “loose” and not “tight” the next night. “Look Who’s Sleeping” is for all parents who’ve fallen asleep while reading to the kids. But, my absolute favorite is “Lullaby-Bye.” Written in the same beat as “Rock-A-Bye Baby,” this parody gives that poor little baby who falls when the bough breaks some sympathy and justice. Finally!

Who’s Going To Love It

Poetry seems to be having a resurgence in popularity among children’s literature with several new collections released this spring. This book is a great way to bring poetry into your home or classroom and Debbie Levy’s wit and humor make this a good pick for bedtime or anytime. The publishers recommended age is 6-9, but since each poem stands on it’s own, you can read a selection or two at a time to younger kids.

For beginning readers, and even adults, it may take a few readings to get the hang of the beats and rhymes. Ms. Levy’s witty twists at the end of each poem are funny, but clever as they are, they may not be as obvious for young minds and may require explanation. I also felt that a couple were a bit odd, and left me saying “Huh??” One example is a poem about “morning breath” called “Pucker Up.” The poem’s subject refers to actors in movies kissing when they wake up and says such a movie should be called “The Kiss of Death.” Sounds a little PG-13, don’t you think? However, there is plenty of silliness and laughs throughout and the more you read this book, the more you and your kids will enjoy it.

This collection of poems is a good exercise for young readers to learn about different rhyming tempos. Try taking turns reading lines or stanzas if your child or students are having trouble. All home libraries should have at least one book of children’s poetry and this is a good pick!

Reading Time

At least 10 minutes if reading it cover-to-cover

Read-It-Again Points

8 out of 10

Book Information

Maybe I’ll Sleep in the Bathtub Tonight and Other Funny Bedtime Poems
By: Debbie Levy, Illustrated by Stephanie Buscema
Published by: Sterling Publishing (2010)
Approximate retail price: $14.95 (hardcover)


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