Are You My Mother?

What It Is

Happy Anniversary to this classic story about a baby bird’s search to find his mother! On the day her egg is about to hatch, Mama bird leaves the nest to find food for the arrival of her new baby. While she’s gone, the egg hatches and her baby bird wonders where he is and sets out to find her. Not knowing what his mother looks like, he asks several animals, including a dog, hen and cow, the famous question, “Are you my mother?” Refusing to take “no” for an answer, the little guy continues on his quest, posing the question to a car, boat, plane and steam shovel. In a sweet twist, the steam shovel, which the baby bird appropriately calls a “Snort,” lifts him up to his nest, where he finally meets his mother. He runs down everything and everyone who he’s encountered along the way and affirms their bond with a confident “You are a bird, and you are my mother!” They snuggle and live happily ever after!

Why It’s Fun

The simplicity and tenderness of this story makes this classic a childhood rite-of-passage. P.D. Eastman’s use of basic words and illustrations enable little ones to easily understand and enjoy the plot. The “delivery” of the baby bird back to his nest is a delightful surprise at the end. And the baby bird’s recap at the book’s conclusion of all who he met on his journey gives adults and children some added fun.

This limited edition has a foil cover, making it just a little bit more special. Thankfully, that’s the only changes that were made. Since the book was illustrated in a time before computer-graphics, the “low-tech”, hand-drawn pictures make the story all the more endearing.

Who’s Going To Love It

Since the beginning of the human race, our first relationship has been with our mothers, and this book is for all of us who appreciate that special bond. Plus, anyone who has experienced some level of separation anxiety from a parent will empathize and rejoice with the baby bird. I find that there is absolute silence when reading this story to kids because they are truly captivated — making the book perfect for bedtime! The publisher’s recommended age is 5- to 8-year-olds and it’s an excellent first reader. But the story’s simplicity and theme makes it too good to wait until kindergarten. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, pull the book from your shelf or pick up this special edition for a read with the whole family, from the very young to the very young at heart!

Reading Time

About 4-5 minutes

Read-It-Again Points

10 out of 10

Book Information

Are You My Mother? 50th Anniversary Party Edition
By: Written and Illustrated by P.D. Eastman
Published by: Random House Books for Young Readers (2010/1960)
Approximate retail price: $8.99 (hardcover)


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