Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

Like many young preschoolers, my youngest has some rather erratic sleeping patterns and frequently wakes up throughout the night asking “Mommy is it time to get up yet?” Thankfully, someone (I’m sure it was a mommy) created the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock. The Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock helps children determine whether or not it’s time to get out of bed. The premise is simple: “green” means time to wake up, “red” means “not quite time to wake up” and the yellow light serves as a nightlight.

I’ll admit my little one knows the whole “red” means stop and “green” means go, but I wasn’t sure this would translate into our bedtime routine. To my surprise it did! I turned on the nightlight and after a few minutes my little guy fell asleep. I slept the entire night without interruption and the following morning we woke to see our little one playing quietly in bed. When asked why he didn’t wake mommy up, he replied “it wasn’t time, the light was red.”

+ kid-friendly design (no sharp edges, whimsical characters)
+ numbers are bright and easy to read
+ nightlight is bright enough but doesn’t illuminate the entire room, resulting in a wide-eyed child
+ clock is easy to set

- alarm is hard to set

This review is strictly my opinion and mine alone. I received a Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock in exchange for my honest review.

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