Gazillion Bubble Rocket

When you think of spring what do you think of? I think of flowers blooming, kids yelling and of course bubbles!

Being a big fan of bubbles I was thrilled when my Gazillion Bubble Rocket came. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! I opened the box and was surprised that there were not that many parts to put together. We packed up my son, and took him outside to play.

I honestly was a little iffy that the rocket would fly high, I mean it is only a toy. My husband was determined to prove me wrong! He said “stand back!” and stepped on the orange launcher so hard that I saw the whole rocket stand shake. I was laughing so hard because it worked! It launched so high that I missed it with the camera. My 20-month-old wanted to do it so bad that we had him sit on it. Guess what - it works, and the bubbles that come are amazing! I could not believe that a 20-month-old could sit on it and make it fly!

I am not sure who hard more fun, my husband or son! I had a chance to play with it as I was taking pictures, but I was so happy to see them having fun! The one nice thing is that your kids can use the rocket as a bubble blower as well. When you grab it just right and the wind is on your side you’ll have tons of bubbles!

There are a few problems with this toy, the first being that it’s tough to keep it together because the base piece comes undone from the orange launcher. It also may be hard for some kids to get the launcher to work for them.

All in all the Bubble Rocket was so much fun and wonderful! I loved that it was easy to clean up and that the tray is dishwasher safe - a nice thing when you have tons of mommy duties to get done! I can say that I am a believer now in Gazillion Bubbles and I know that you will be as well! So would I tell you to go buy it? The answer is yes, go out and buy your own Gazillion Bubble Rocket today!

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