Zebra Mix Rainbow Drop Cookie Baking Activity Kit

My son, who is 6, loves to bake any chance he gets, so when I won the Zebra Mix Rainbow Drop Cookie Baking Activity Kit on Time To Play’s Mom TV show, he was thrilled!

When I opened the box and showed my son the cool Zebra metal lunch box, he was so excited, especially when I told him that after we were done baking, he’d be able to use the Zebra lunch box for keeping his treasures in! I love that the zebra print is suitable for both boys and girls.

The package includes the zebra print lunch box, the cookie mix and a step-by-step instruction guide. The guide has two levels: one side is for kids 4-9 and the other side is for kids 9 and up. Our package included instructions for the cupcake mix instead of the cookie mix, but the guide is so colorful and full of activities that of course we had to use it! There were plenty of activities on the guide, such as a maze and fun facts to read about the five senses.

The baking instructions are included on the outside packaging as well as on the instruction guide. All we needed to add was one egg and melted butter in addition to the cookie mix. I love the simplicity of the recipe, and the fact that my son could actively participate in the actual process, rather than just watching.

He combined the cookie mix, butter and eggs and got ready to mix it up!

I really appreciate that the ingredients are 70% organic and that wheat flour and organic evaporated cane juice are used, rather then bleached flour and sugar. The cookies also contain organic rolled oats and chocolate rainbow drops which added a yummy texture to the cookies.

The kit is a great way to mix baking, reading, science and math all together⁘ and the end result is having a lot of fun and eating delicious cookies!

My son was so proud that he baked cookies all by himself and was so excited that we called over Grandma and Grandpa to taste them!

The cookies turned out perfectly, and were very tasty and not overly sweet. Everyone loved the cookies and said they were delicious! We would definitely make them again and would love to try other Zebra mixes in the future too! Thank you again for the opportunity to try the Zebra Mix Rainbow Drop Cookie Baking Activity Kit!

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