Alice In Wonderland

You Don’t Need 3D Glasses to Explore This Wonderland Adventure!

What It Is

Often I find that video games “based on” or “inspired by” movies are not a lot of fun to play. They usually do a great job of recreating the look and feel of the movie and it’s characters but that doesn’t automatically make a game fun. This usually isn’t the game developers fault as the production schedule for a video game is rarely the same as a movie and the game developers don’t have the time they need to make a great game. Which is why I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed Alice In Wonderland, the video game from the new Tim Burton, Disney film.

Possible spoilers ahead. I’m not sure because I haven’t seen the movie yet.

In the game, players are tasked with helping Alice find her way through Wonderland on a mission to face the Jabberwocky. Rather than playing as Alice, the player takes on the roles of five characters--the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, March Hare, Dormouse and the Cheshire Cat--each with a unique and specific ability such as the White Rabbit’s ability to control time. Players can switch between characters at will (once they have been discovered in the game) and will rely on each characters’ ability to progress through the game and discover hidden items and treasures.

Why It’s Fun

Playing as the five different characters is more than just a clever way to inject the movie’s colorful cast into the game, it creates five different game experiences at once. The obvious application for the five characters is in the Boss battles, which can only be won by switching between the characters and their abilities. For example, the Cheshire Cat can make certain objects disappear, such as a boss’ sword, which then allows a character with more fighting skills to rush in and attack. Additionally, the game is filled with hidden items and puzzles in which using each character rewards the player, including treasure chests hidden throughout the world that can only be accessed by one character’s distinctive abilities. One of my favorite abilities is the Mad Hatter’s power of perspective, where players view the world through his eyes and have the ability to shift that view and create pathways through the game.

Who’s Going To Love It

This game is more challenging than I thought it would be and might be too difficult for kids under the age of 8. Older kids, teens and even experienced gamers will enjoy this Alice In Wonderland whether they have seen the movie or not.

What To Be Aware Of

Alice In Wonderland is also available in a DS/DSi version. This version has a different animation-style and overall look but is essentially the same game in which you play as multiple characters on a quest to help Alice. In the DS/DSi version you only play as four characters.

As much as I enjoyed this game, the battle sequences throughout the game got a little repetitive as there are really only one style of enemies to fight. With the exception of the Boss battles found at the end of levels, the only enemies you will encounter are the Red Queen’s deck-of-card minions. Furthering the repetitiveness, once you unlock the White Rabbit’s Vortex ability to freeze and reverse time, you can continually beat these minions with the same move over and over. The game rewards you with points for using multiple characters and abilities during these battles but you don’t really need those points to advance in the game.

Fun Scale

4 out of 5

It has to be fun or it wouldn’t be on Time to Play. But some games are more fun than others so here’s our scale: 1 is fun, 2 is a lot of fun, 3 is great, 4 is awesome and 5 is out-of-this-world!

Video Game Information

Alice In Wonderland
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Rated: Everyone 10+

System: Wii
Genre: Adventure/Puzzle Solving
Players: 1 - 2

SRP: $39.99
Available: Now, at most major retail, toy, gaming specialty shops and many online e-commerce sites.
Launch Date: March 2010
Date of Review: March 2010

*Rating determined by the ESRB


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